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Here, no need to know chinese. Just play games for fun. Once game is complete, you receive a star !


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Challenges are games and quiz that will test your speed to answer and your knowledge in chinese. Only for competitors who wants to perform ! If you are good enough then medails are waiting for you !


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The website proposes rich content like different quiz to test your chinese level.
It is adapted to your chinese level going from new learners as well as confirmed learners. Going from HSK1 level to HSK6. Your scores are saved, you can also customize your own content.
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Aerie Na Kai. (Busan - South Corea)

About the website, I really liked the organization of the lessons, and how the characters are portrayed through images it is such a really useful way to remember them since I do have a visual memory. I have to thank you for the great effort that you are putting every day in posting and thinking about everything to make learning easier for us. Thank you very much.

Saba A. (Faisalabad - Pakistan)

Learning one of the difficult language of the world like Mandarin, requires a lot of practice and persistence. Practicing while having fun does make it less laborious. This page definitely provided me with such material which made it easier for me to learn Chinese. Detailed study of Chinese characters, Idioms, Sentences or memorizing them through games/challenges its an all in one solution for everything.

Jason Z. (Suzhou - China)

I think this is good to learn mandarin ways

Nikito A. (Sofia - Bulgaria)

Your website is very interesting and it's easily accessible, which is another advantage! Keep up the good work, I will be glad to read your works again.

Haibat A. (Pakistan)

Very nice website for learner as well as you all requested to visit this web and left your comments

Isidora T. (Belgrade - Serbie)

An excellent and very useful website to learn and practice Chinese language. Definitely from now the learning process will be much easier.